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About KronRider

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I'm KronRider a content creator who shares experiences and personal thoughts about lifestyle and riding on two wheels.

My riding experience started when I was in high school,  I got the chance to ride on a cruiser and as soon as I jumped and went for a ride in that bike, the rush, adrenaline and freedom feeling hooking my up and I knew that I want it to ride for the rest of my life. 

Since then I have been riding every time that I can and if I have to choose in the mornings between the car or bike to go out, the bike always win (It is like if the bike is calling me...), with the time you start to develop a craving for riding is like an itch to you have to scratch no matter what.


Keep an eye on my page to see my latest content or if you want to get in touch with me, just fill up the contact form and let's make some bike memories together.

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